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Del af Alexanderfrisen
For security reasons, bags of a size larger than A4 along with rucksacks, suitcases, long umbrellas etc. may not be taken into the exhibition galleries.
There are free boxes at the lower floor in which such articles can be stored.

Information for visitors with disabilities
Thorvaldsens Museum is a building listed as a protected national monument, and facilities for visitors with disabilities can unfortunately not always completely live up to modern expectations.
There is no lift in the museum to connect the three levels. However, it is possible to visit the museum in a wheelchair if visitors with disabilities are accompanied by a companion who can help to bring them into the museum.


Visitors with disabilities can bring a companion to the museum free of charge.


A vehicle displaying a valid disability sign may park at the designated public disabled parking space at Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads.


The museum unfortunately has no special toilet facilities for people with disabilities.


The museum has a light wheelchair that can be borrowed and used by visitors with disabilities. It is possible for visitors with disabilities to visit the museum in their own wheelchair, if one or more companions can help bring the guest with disabilities and the wheelchair up from street level and into the museum as well as from floor to floor.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

Blind and visually impaired visitors may feel a number of the marble works if wearing cotton gloves. Blind and visually impaired visitors must be accompanied in the museum by a sighted person who can help guide them to the sculptures they are allowed to feel. Cotton gloves can be borrowed from the museum’s ticket desk.

Prams and strollers
Small children are very welcome at Thorvaldsens Museum. However, prams are too wide for the door openings of the museum, so we make strollers of the ‘umbrella’ type available during your visit. If the family’s own stroller is no wider than the museum’s, it can of course be used without further ado.
The museum has no elevator between the three exhibition floors.
For reasons of space there are at present only baby-changing facilities in the ladies’ restrooms at the museum.