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Fire personer står ved Copernicus skulpturen i forhallen

Explore the collections at Thorvaldsens Museum in the Catalogue

Thorvaldsens Museum katalogets hjemmeside
Thorvaldsens Museum does not only consist of Thorvaldsen's own sculptures, models and drawings, but also of his extensive collections of other artist's paintings and sculptures; of art, coins and crafts from antiquity; medals, books and personal items. 

In the Catalogue, you can search across the different collections at the museum, or dive into specific topics or motifs. As a special feature, you can also find art works by Thorvaldsen, that are outside of the museum - for example at other museums or in private collections. 

Visit the Catalogue

Or read more about the catalogue here


Arkivets hjemmeside

Thorvaldsen left thousands of letters and other personal documents behind. In the Archive you can immerse yourself in all the documents, and learn more about Thorvaldsen as a person and as an artist.

Dive into the Archive here.