Gift ideas

Acrylic do more art

Acrylic is the second book in the popular 'Do More Art' series, which explores the myriad creative possibilities of working with acrylic.
Fans of this artistic powerhouse will discover everything from basic painting techniques to more creative applications, such as pouring, marbling and working with acrylic spray paint and markers.
Examples by some of the world's greatest contemporary artists will demonstrate many of the techniques and ideas, providing plenty of creative inspiration. With its contemporary aesthetic and accessible content, Acrylic will appeal to artists of all abilities.
DKK 169


The Now House by Jonathan Adler A6 Terrazzo Notebook features a confetti-speckled Terrazzo pattern—a chic AF spot to jot your thoughts. Now House by Jonathan Adler stationery and gift products are produced by Galison.
- Gradient green and solid mint end pages
DKK 79

Herbaria postcards

Beatrix Farrand (1872 - 1959) stands among the leading twentieth-century landscape architects. A founding member (and first woman) of the American Society for Landscape Architects, Farrand created more than two hundred private gardens and landscapes in the United States and Great Britain. She was also an expert archivist who pressed and preserved over nine hundred specimens from her garden in Maine.
DKK 119


Sunprint contains 12 folded notecards, 12 different images in a keepsake box with bellyband. Insert features Anna Atkins bio and the art of Cyanotypes.
DKK 119

Glaze samples

Thorvaldsens Museum's building always
 impresses its audience with its many colors. 
Now it is possible to take them home in the 
form of these small glaze samples,made 
specifically for the museum.
DKK 45

Leporello Postcards

You cannot avoid being fascinated by the
 ceilings when you walking around Thorvaldsens 
Museum. Leporello is a postcard series with 
8 selected ceiling designs. Just to fold out or 
use to delight others.
DKK 49

Starsign Postcards

The blue color of the museum's star ceiling 
cannot fail to fascinate. Buy a card with home
 or send a greeting with one of the zodiac signs.
Also available in package with 12 pcs. DKK 79

Birds Merge

The first braided Christmas heart is believed to 
be braided by H.C. Andersen. The heart is yellow 
and green and braided in 1862. In the popular 
birdwatching books by Lars Holmsted you will find 
inspiration and guidance for a new type of "Christmas 
Hearts". The books are available in 4 versions with 
several difficulty levels in each. Then choose your f
avorite birds and do as H. C. Andersen, merge the 
Christmas decorations
DKK 150


These small, one-of-a-kind stars are inspired
by the ceilings in the museum. They are 
handmade and exclusive to Thorvaldsens Museum 
DKK 85


Thorvaldsen's Museum has for a number of 
years had Venus and Jason on the doors of the 
museum's bathrooms. Now we have the signs 
done in porcelain and they can be bought home. 
The signs can also be used just as decoration 
in the home.
DKK 149

Jigsaw Puzzle

The Museum Shop has produced a jigsaw 
puzzle from the painting "Danish artists at 
the Osteria La Gensola in Rome" by Ditlev 
Blunck. Many of the jigsaw pieces are shaped 
to reflect the theme of the image. 
Size: 87 mm x 125 mm. 40 pieces approximately. 
You can find Thorvaldsen to the right in the painting 
and all the painters in the picture are represented 
with works in Thorvaldsen’s collection of paintings.
DKK 99

Small mint pastel

Small mint pastil box with 
Thorvaldsens Museum, just 
to put in your pocket
DKK 25

Bertel Thorvaldsen DVD

With English subtitles by Stig Miss, 
Karen Vad and Peter Klitgaard 
The film provides a detailed insight 
into Thorvaldsen’s life and career in 
Denmark and Rome. Thorvaldsen is 
one of a small number of world-famous 
Danish sculptors. His life was completely 
in keeping with the traditional life of an 
artist – a progression from a childhood 
in poverty to riches and world-wide fame. 
DKK 99

Shopping bag

Classic black shopping bag with motif 
of the Thorvaldsens Museum inner façade, 
the palms on the wall was originally also on 
a black surface. Ideal for shopping – 
comfortable to carry. The shopping bag
 has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years
 on account of its benefit to the environment.
DKK 40

Roman Mouse

Thorvaldsen was a collector, and
on the 1st floor one can explore 
his antiquity collection. Here you 
will find a few small mice in bronze.
DKK 59

Roman Elephant

Thorvaldsens had a collection of 
Roman miniature figures. They are 
incredibly well done and can be found
on the museum's first floor. In the store 
you will find a small elephant copy just 
to have in your pocket or in the box.
DKK 59

Roman Owl

Minerva was a Roman goddess of 
wisdom and war. The owl was a 
symbol of her wisdom. 
Minerva's counterpart in Greek 
mythology was the goddess Athena.
DKK 59


Thorvaldsen gathered small Egyptian 
figures, there is not a hippo on the first 
floor, but crocodiles and other small items. 
Go exploring yourself.
DKK 59

Cameo Necklace

The Cameo is a carved relief image, often used 
in gemstones or jewelry. Cameo jewelry has been 
around for centuries with early examples from the 
3rd century BC. The Cameo pendant was also 
frequently used in Thorvaldsen's time. In his own 
collection there is a large selection of stones with 
relief effect. Cameo with chain.
DKK 59


The Cameo is a carved relief image, often used 
in gemstones or jewelry. Cameo jewelry has been 
around for centuries with early examples from the 
3rd century BC. The Cameo pendant was also 
frequently used in Thorvaldsen's time. In his own 
collection there is a large selection of stones with 
relief effect. Cameo with chain.
DKK 59

Egyptian Cat Earrings

The cat was of great importance to 
the Egyptians, it helped them to catch 
mice and rats in the grain stores. 
In the antique collection there are 
many variations of miniature cats. 
The cat was a symbol of fertility and love.
DKK 59

Historical Bracelet

In ancient Egypt both men and women 
wore jewellery, not only as a symbol of 
wealth and status, but also for protection 
from evil.Gold was the metal of choice for 
the ancient Egyptians
DKK 59

Copy of Etruscan amulet capsule

The copy was cast after an amulet 
capsule bought by Thorvaldsen during 
his long stay in Rome from 1797 to 1838. 
DKK 389

Copy of Thorvaldsen’s snake ring

The snake-shaped ring is a copy of
a gold ring that Thorvldsen regularly wore.
DKK 875

Roman Owl Pin

The Owl is a frequently used symbol 
of wisdom. Thorvaldsen also has the 
owl in several of his works. Explore 
the museum and find the owls and 
buy an Owl Pin with you home.
DKK 20

Roman Owl Pendant

The owl, the symbol of wisdom, was used by 
Thorvaldsen in several works. Now it can also 
be brought home in the form of a pendant. 
DKK 35

Culture Game

Tired of sports issues? Then this cultural 
game might be something for you. The 
beauty of the cultural game is that the 
quiz categories cover a number of other 
fields, all of which are rooted in the cultural, 
and what brings us together as human beings. 
The questions in this game are divided into 18 
different categories.

DKK 599

Music & Literature,culturel game

With the theme edition of Music & Literature, 
knowledge of everything from early music via 
operas and symphonies to college songs, jazz 
and rhythmic music, as well as novels, short stories, 
plays, style features, writers and much more, is explored. 
The breakdown of the questions by severity ensures high 
levels of entertainment value and appropriate challenges 
for all participants.
DKK 199

The ancient world

In this themed edition, knowledge of ancient 
Greece, the Roman Empire, the heyday of Egypt 
and the Near East are explored. In an enjoyable 
way one quizzes for knowledge and overview 
of the cradle of Western culture.
DKK 199

Europe culturel game

The Europe edition of the cultural game( danish version) 
is a journey in time and geography to the largest cultural 
nations in Europe. The game takes participants through a 
treasure trove of cultural goods from a total of 8 nations. 
In the quiz, knowledge of the individual countries' cultural 
characteristics, values, art, history and much more is drawn. 
The game ensures great play enjoyment and fun while 
inevitably learning a lot.
DKK 299

Set of Magnets: Venus (4 pcs.)

Venus won her beauty title and a golden apple 
from among the goddesses of Antiquity when 
the mortal prince Paris had to choose between 
Juno, Minerva and Venus. The sculpture shows 
Venus after the beauty competition as she holds 
the proof of her beauty up in front of her admiring 
gaze. Thorvaldsen’s sculpture of Venus was created 
between 1813 and 1816.
DKK 49

Set of Magnets: Jason (4 pcs.)

The famous work with which Thorvaldsen 
made his breakthrough in 1803. According 
to the Classical mythology, Jason is a prince 
who, in order to become king, must fetch a 
golden fleece that is guarded by a dangerous 
dragon far away in a sacred grove.
DKK 49

Magnet: Thorvaldsens Statue of Christ

The statue became one of Thorvaldsen’s most
 popular works. It represents the risen Christ 
revealing himself to the congregation and shows 
the marks of the crucifixion on his hands and feet. 
A plaster version of the statue stands in the museum’s 
Christ Gallery, while the marble version can be seen
 in the Cathedral of Our Lady. 

DKK 35

Magnet: Cupid and the Graces

The presence of Cupid explains the Graces’ 
sensitive and thoughtful expressions resulting 
from his playing of the lyre. The three beautiful 
women radiate love, beauty and modesty as ideal 
states. These were the feminine virtues of 
Thorvaldsen’s own day. The sculptural group is from 1817-19.
DKK 25

Magnet: Cupid

Cupid was the god of love in Antiquity. 
He had great power because he could strike 
both humans and gods with his arrows of love.
DKK 25

Magnet: A Lion

DKK 25

Magnet: Jason with the Golden Fleece

The famous work with which Thorvaldsen 
made his breakthrough in 1803. According 
to the Classical mythology, Jason is a prince who, 
in order to become king, must fetch a golden fleece 
that is guarded by a dangerous dragon far away in a 
sacred grove. The sculpture shows Jason proudly 
standing there the moment after he has managed 
to gain possession of the fleece and is about to 
return home to his kingdom.
DKK 25

Historical Postcards

Discover old Copenhagen through a collection 
of 48 postcards. The postcards are from the beginning 
of the 19th century and are pure nostalgia. A good 
hostess gift or just for joy and wonder over a time that was.

DKK 149

CD: The Musical Sculptor - Ingolf Olsen plays the guitar music of Bertel Thorvaldsen

Music from Thorvaldsen's guitar music 
sheets. With Ingolf Olsen (guitar) and 
Christina Åstrand (violin). 
DKK 149

CD: Thorvaldsen and the Music

Music from Thorvaldsen's music sheets and
 music Thorvaldsen listened to. 
With Inger Dam-Jensen (soprano), Christina 
Åstrand (violin) and Ingolf Olsen (guitar). 
DKK 149

Cut Out Model of Thorvaldsens Museum

Thorvaldsen's Museum is now available
as a clipboard. Have a nice time with 
building the museum.
DKK 35

Geddes' Elevated map of Copenhagen 1761

Gedde`s map shows Copenhagen in a 
bird's eye view and gives a unique impression 
of the city. It consists of 36 blades that can 
be assembled to form 2.5 x 2.5 m. 
Included is a booklet that tells you about the card.
DKK 199

Small vases

Thorvaldsen's collection of vases and
 the colors of the antique collection and 
the museum have inspired the shop's 
small vase series, which consists of 
small unique works.
DKK 325


Pencils with Egyptian motifs.
DKK 10

Geddes' map of Copenhagen 1765

Gedde's fantastic map of Copenhagen is 
available in an elegant 36-leaf folder. 
These can be assembled to the original size of 2.5 x 2.5 m.
DKK 299