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14.3.2024 - 1.9.2024

Dive into the depths of ancient history with REFLECTION, an upcoming exhibition that unveils the beauty and magic of Etruscan mirrors, casting light on their cultural, artistic, and societal significance. 

This unique showcase bridges the ancient and the contemporary, exploring how these artifacts have mirrored the Etruscan way of life, beliefs, and their enduring influence on modern artistry, notably that of Bertel Thorvaldsen.

Through meticulously curated sections, REFLECTION invites visitors to journey through time. Discover the Etruscans' sophisticated craftsmanship, the mirrors' roles as objects of luxury and symbols of status, and their captivating mythological depictions. The exhibition compares these ancient treasures with a minor selection of Thorvaldsen's neoclassical masterpieces and other items from his collections, revealing a fascinating dialogue between past and present.

Explore the timeless nature of reflection—both physical and introspective. Join us for an enlightening exploration that transcends mere visual appreciation, offering a mirror into the soul of civilizations long past and their lingering whispers in today's artistic expressions.