Amor bag trådnet


Thorvaldsen lost his son. In drawings and letters, you can find more information about the sculptor's family.
Tegning fra thorvaldsens samling
Cupid complains to Venus about a bee sting

Around this drawing of Cupid and Venus, Thorvaldsen has written the names of his Italian girlfriend and their common son.

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Håndskrevet brev fra thorvaldsens arkiv
From Thorvaldsen to Herman Schubart

Thorvaldsen's son Carlo dies in 1811 – only 5 years old. The draft sheet, which
his name is written on, is from the summer of 1809.

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Carlo Bartolomeo Alberto
Thorvaldsen's son was not mentioned publicly in Thorvaldsen's time because he was born out of wedlock. We don't know exactly what his name was or why he died.

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Brev fra Thorvaldsens arkiv

Anna Maria Uhden

Anna Maria left her husband and children when she fell in love with Thorvaldsen. 
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Tegning af kvinde fra Thorvaldsens samling

From Caroline von Humboldt to Friederike Brun

In a letter, Caroline vents her concern for Thorvaldsen after his son's death and fears that he will leave Rome.

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Portrættegning af kvinde fra Thorvaldsens samling

Elisa Paulsen

After the death of their son, Thorvaldsen and Anna Maria had a daughter.

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Grøn farve
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Thorvaldsen's drawings of Cupid

Letters between Thorvaldsen and Anna Maria Uhden