Dreng iklædt kappe. Etruskisk statuette CC0

Statuette of a boy wearing a mantle.
Etruscan, c. 300 BC

Bronze. 7,4 cm
Inventory number: H2020

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This small bronze statuette represents a youth wrapped in a trimmed cloak that reaches almost down to his ankles. The contours of his body can be sensed beneath the tight-fitting cloak, while his right hand is protruding at his chest. In all probability, this statuette served a decorative purpose as a top piece, similar to the naked athlete at the top of the Etruscan bronze candelabrum in the collection of antiquities. The cloaked youth differs from the other statuettes of young men in the collection by being fully dressed, but the cloak is draped so close to the boy’s body that its shape is clearly to be seen.