Friederike Brun
Johann Jürgen Busch
: 1758
: 02.12.1820
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Friederike Brun, 1796

Plaster. 60,7 cm
Inventory number: G247

Works, relating to this work: Johan Jürgen Busch, Friederike Brun, 1796, marble, private collection

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Busch was one of the German artists with whom Thorvaldsen had links during his first years in Rome. However, he never achieved great fame and is best known for his copies of ancient sculptures. In 1796, he modelled a bust of Friederike Brun, who spent lengthy periods in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, where she established contacts with a large number of the leading artists and cultural figures in Europe. She was one of the first to write an extensive analysis of Thorvaldsen’s oeuvre, and at the country house of Sophienholm in Bagsværd she arranged literary and musical salons in the European style, some of them with her daughter Ida (portrait by Thorvaldsen, inv. no. A810) at the centre. The bust is deposited at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle.