Gottlieb Bindesbøll CC0
I.W. Tegner
: Isac Wilhelm Tegner
: 23.06.1815
: 21.12.1893
: dansk

Gottlieb Bindesbøll, 1848-1849
After Constantin Hansen's painting Inv.no. B415. Printed by I.W. Tegner & Kittendorfs lith. Inst.

Lithograph. 335 x 213 mm
Inventory number: E2251

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Tegner’s lithograph reproduces a portrait of the architect who designed Thorvaldsens Museum, Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll (1800-1856). The drawing that Bindesbøll is holding in his left hand proclaims that there is a link between the figure portrayed and the museum. This lithograph reproduces a painted portrait of Bindesbøll made by the artist Constantin Hansen in 1848-49. The painting had been ordered by the building commission responsible for Thorvaldsens Museum. It was to be hung in the museum and still forms part of the museum collection (see under paintings, Inv.no. B415). Bindesbøll spent the period 1834-38 in Rome, interrupted by journeys to Southern Italy, Greece and Turkey, and he became closely acquainted with Thorvaldsen and his works. So he was well equipped to be the museum architect when in 1839 he was given the illustrious task of being the architect responsible for designing and building the first museum in Denmark – Thorvaldsens Museum.