Pavillion for Thorvaldsen på Skovgaard, grundplan, snit og opstaltCC0 Click on photo for enlargement
Gottlieb Bindesbøll
: Michael Gottlieb Birckner Bindesbøll
: 05.09.1800
: 14.07.1856
: dansk
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Pavilion to Thorvaldsen at Skovgaard, Ground Plan, Elevation and Section, 1839
Sculptures after Thorvaldsen: selfportrait statue, Nysø1; Alexander the Great's entry into Babylon, A503; The Graces Listening to Cupid's Song, A602

Pencil, watercolour and gouache on paper. 244 x 404/406 mm
Inventory number: D1749

Works, relating to this work: Vilhelm Klein, Copy after Bindesbøll's Pavilion, The Collection of Architetural Drawings at Danmarks Kunstbibliotek, Copenhagen

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