Portræt af Thorvaldsen
Andreas Ludvig Koop
: 13.04.1792
: 13.12.1849
: dansk
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Portrait of Thorvaldsen, 1828
Copy after Karl Joseph Begas

Oil on canvas. 103,3 x 73,2 cm
Inventory number: B168

Works, relating to this work: Karl Joseph Begas, Portrait of Thorvaldsen, 1823, Alte Nationalgallerie, Berlin, inv.no. A I 16

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Thorvaldsen sculpted The Goddess of Hope in 1817. The portrait of Thorvaldsen painted by Karl Joseph Begas in 1823 includes a scale model of this sculpture. Andreas Ludvig Koop painted a copy of Begas’ (1794 – 1854) portrait. Koop was constantly in need of financial aid. And this painting is undoubtedly the one that Koop offers to sell to Thorvaldsen in a letter dated 24 April 1834