Artur Potocki CC0
Bertel Thorvaldsen
: Bertel (Albert, Alberto) Thorvaldsen
: 19.11.1770
: 24.03.1844
: dansk
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Artur Potocki, 1829

Plaster. 68 cm
Inventory number: A291

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It is likely that Artur Potocki (1787-1832) himself commissioned his bust from Thorvaldsen during his stay in Rome in 1829 – on the same occasion also acquiring a copy of Mercury (A5). His contemporaries described him as a man who enjoyed life and who had a great appetite for entertaining and the pleasures of the table. Potocki was appointed adjutant both to Prince Poniatowski and later Tsar Alexander. He is represented here in classical robes and with a bare chest on which the insignia of his knighthood can be seen.