This fall you can improve your drawing skills at Thorvaldsen's Museum! Once again, we offer our popular drawing class with teacher Henrik Leach Hansen.
Drawing class content

In this drawing class with graphic artist, illustrator, and painter Henrik Leach Hansen, you will be introduced to anatomy, composition, proportions, plans, etc. You will learn basic drawing techniques, and acquire a better understanding of the arts, on your way to improve your drawing skills. Naturally, the class will take place in the beautiful scenery of the museum and take a starting point in Thorvaldsen's sculptures.

This class is for everyone who wants to improve their drawing skills. It especially adresses you if you are applying for schools within the fields of design, architecture, and fine arts. 

There is a limited number of seats in both classes.

Former students says:

"Henrik is a phenomenal teacher. It is my impression that he succeeds with encouraging and inspiring all participants in the class, regardless of their initial drawing skills level."

"Henrik is a very good and inspiring teacher. I have nothing but praise regarding Henrik's teaching."

"Henrik is pleasant, and his teaching is like an appetizer that encourage you to go out in the sculpture collection and start drawing - you
acquire  some excellent skills."

"Henrik is pleasant, kind, and very good at praising and
encouraging you, regardless the level you are at. He is good at creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the class."

Buy you ticket for Thursday classes here.

Buy you ticket for Sunday classes here.

Thursday classes:
Thursday the 15th of September to Thursday the 8th of December 2022
All Thursdays are from 1.30 to 4.30 pm
There will not be classes during winther holidays Thursday the 20th of October.

Sunday classes:
Sunday the 18th of September to Sunday the 11th of December 2022
All Sundays are from 1 to 4 pm
There will not be classes during winther holidays Sunday the 23rd of Oktober

Price: 1800 kr. for all 12 classes 

Practical information: The museum will be providing drawing boards and paper clips. Participants will need to bring their own HB pencils, a 6B pencil and a rubber. Paper can be baought at the museum (four different qualities).