Jubilee Concert at Nysø on 31 May 2014

During the last six years of his life, from 1838 to 1844, Thorvaldsen spent much of his time at the mansion of Nysø. This year, it will be 175 years since he arrived there for the first time, and this calls for a celebration! So the Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø is arranging a spring concert of classical music composed of works that could very well have been played during Thorvaldsen’s stay there.


Thorvaldsen’s studio at Nysø.

Programme from 20.00

Welcome from Bo Manderup, chairman of the Thorvaldsen Collection
Thorvaldsen at Nysø, by Stig Miss, Director of Thorvaldsens Museum
Concert (60 mins), performed by Jacob Christensen and Rie Koch together with their 14-year-old son Adam and the tenor Sune Hjerrild.
A glass of wine will be served. Please note that the concert will take place in a covered tent so that the event is independent of the unreliable spring weather.

Price: DKK 150 (tickets will be sold at the entrance according to the principle of “first come, first served”)
When: Saturday 31 May 2014 at 20.00 (the doors will open at 19.15)
Nysø Gods,
Nysøvej 5,
4720 Præstø

Thorvaldsen’s Arrival 175 Years Ago

Bertel Thorvaldsen arrived for the first time at the mansion of Nysø near Præstø on the evening of 4 June 1839. Here, he was received by the Stampe family headed by the energetic Baroness Christine Stampe. This was the start of a long period of residence at Nysø, where the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen found peaceful surroundings in which to work. Nowhere was more suitable as the setting for Thorvaldsen’s final years, and it was to a great extent thanks to the baroness that Thorvaldsen’s final active years were a fruitful period also in an artistic sense, the proof of which can be seen in the many fine works in the Thorvaldsen Collection.

At Nysø Baroness Christine Stampe and Thorvaldsen held festive banquets with celebrities such as the poet Hans Christian Andersen and the painter Wilhelm Marstrand.

We are grateful to Marianne Holst, the proprietor of Nysø, for making the estate courtyard available for the concert on 31 May 2014.

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