Other Publications

  • Li en antik kunsthistorie

    An ancient art history

    Danish Edition by Plinus the elder translated by Jacob Isager. The book consists of the texts from Plinus the Elder's Natural History, which deals with Greek and Roman sculpture, painting and architecture. They are written around year 78.

    ISBN: 9788791611513 DKK 298
  • Li guld i mund

    Gold in Mouth

    Danish Edition. Historical cookbook by Gertrud With. Apple soup, dove cheese and salted, pickled lemons.
    45 original recipes revive the golden age of cooking in this cookbook.

    ISBN: 978-87-970902-0-6 DKK 295
  • Li guldalderens billedverden

    The golden age of the image world

    Danish Edition.An exploration of the golden age of the image universe.
    The golden age of the world of images shows, through a rich illustration material, how paintings and stage images met a need to get to know the story, contemporary celebrities and Denmark's nature, the foreign countries and the animal and plant world: not far from the topics shown in the TV stations' most popular series. The golden age of the artistic universe seems familiar. We know it from the museums' hangings and from exhibitions. But the images presented today are not the same as you could see if you were an art-interested citizen or citizen - during the period between Eckersberg's return from France and Italy - in the 1816- and Three-Year War from 1848-50. The book The Golden Age picture world tells about how contemporary art then took its place, in everyday life, in the theater and at the few public exhibitions.

    ISBN: 978-87-970902-0-6 DKK 399
  • Li ekkorum cover


    What does the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844), Symbolisten J.F. Willumsen (1863-1958) and the artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973) in common - apart from the international longing that made them leave their country of birth? They lived in different ages, but built up all the huge art collections that echoed and highlighted their own artistic practices. This uniquely designed catalog presents the artists' different approaches to gathering and echoed in the 19th and 20th century museum worlds.

    ISBN: 978-3-7757-4367-9 DKK 330
  • Li dialogbaseret undervisning 2012 butik

    Dialogue-based teaching. The art museum as a learning space

    By Nana Bernhardt, Olga Dysthe and Line Esbjørn
    Danish, English and Spanish Edition
    2012, 256 pp., ill.
    What happens when children and young people are not passive recipients, but make active use of art and culture in the museums? This book examines how dialogue-based teaching in Danish museums helps support pupils’ active learning processes.

    ISBN: 978-87-91663-10-9 DKK 198