Thorvaldsen Revisited

From July 2, 2005 to September 24, 2006

With Thorvaldsen Revisited the scene was set for an exhibition on the life and activity at Thorvaldsen’s apartments and studios in Rome.

Guests of the world-renowned artist included not only his clients, but also numerous art enthusiasts of the period. And their destination was not just the sculptor’s studios. Thorvaldsen’s private apartment with its vast collection of art was also recognized as one of Rome’s attractions.

Just as Thorvaldsen’s residence close to the Piazza Barberini had seven rooms, so too was Thorvaldsen Revisited displayed under seven headings: At Work, The Study, Fellow Artists, Music, Wanderlust, The Collection, The Wardrobe.

The exhibition was arranged by curator Margrethe Floryan.

Gæst hos Thorvaldsen
Rudolph Suhrlandt: Portrait of Thorvaldsen, 1810.

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