Thorvaldsen & the Royal Court

Upcoming exhibition from April 17 to November 29, 2015:

Bertel Thorvaldsen: Princess Caroline Amalie. 1827.
Bertel Thorvaldsen: Princess Caroline Amalie. 1827.

Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) was Denmark’s first internationally famous artist, and as a young, talented academy student he already had links with the Danish Royal Family.

Throughout the many years Thorvaldsen was active in Rome, too, he had the attention of Danish royalty, inasmuch as Frederik VI (1768-1839) and Chris­­tian VIII (1786-1848) played an important role for Thorvaldsen’s artistic career.

Both Frederik VI and Christian VIII and their families were portrayed by Thor­­­valdsen, and as an academy student in Copenhagen, and later as a successful artist of European stature living in Rome, Thorvaldsen created a series of central works for the royal palace of Amalienborg and Christiansborg Castle. Both Frederik VI and Christian VII also played an active part in the early history of Thorvaldsens Museum.

The exhibition deals with these works, monuments and places against the backdrop of art and cultural history. It turns the focus on Thorvaldsen’s royal icono­graphy and the specifically Copenhagen-oriented part of his great European oeuvre. In addition the exhibition thematizes the considerable popular support given to the building of the museum, as well as contemporary democratic tendencies.

Snuff box. Gold and diamonds. Gift from Frederik VI to Thorvaldsen.
Snuff box. Gold and diamonds. Gift from Frederik VI to Thorvaldsen.

Special attention will be given in the exhibition to the Frederik VI monument in Skanderborg, and Christian VIII’s keen interest in the manor of Nysø with the Stampe family as hosts. Among the works and objects in the exhibition there will also be examples of gifts and correspondence from the Royal Family to Thor­valdsen.

The exhibition is organized by the museum curator Margrethe Floryan.

Lecture series in collaboration with Folkeuniversitet (university extra-mural courses): Thorvaldsen & the Royal Court


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Time: 3 Tuesdays 16:15 – 18:00
21.4: Amalienborg: Lecture: Bertel Thorvaldsen – life, work and museum (by the Director of Thorvaldsens Museum, Stig Miss).

28.4: Amalienborg: Lecture and visit to the Thorvaldsen exhibition of gilded bronzes: Bertel Thorvaldsen and the Royal Family (by the museum curator at Thorvaldsens Museum, Margrethe Floryan).

5.5: Thorvaldsens Museum: Guided tour of the special exhibition “Thorvaldsen & the Royal Court” (Margrethe Floryan and Stig Miss).

Place and price

Gala Hall, Christian VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg (entrance through the Amalienborg Museum) and Thorvaldsens Museum.
An admission card is to be shown all three times, and admits the bearer to the Ama­lien­borg Museum on the lecture days, 11:00-16:00.
Price DKK 606

Organizer: Museum curator Birgit Jenvold, mag. art., Amalienborg Museum.
Lecturers and tour guides: Museum curator Margrethe Floryan and museum director Stig Miss, Thorvaldsens Museum.