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FOKUS video art festival

From February 9 to March 9, 2017

Still from the video work L*a*b by Paul Simon Richards.
Still from the video work L*a*b by Paul Simon Richards.

Watch all 10 video works from the video art festival FOKUS in The Grand Hall at Thorvaldsens Museum.

FOKUS video art festival

FOKUS has established itself as Denmark’s largest festival of video art. FOKUS is arranged by Nikolaj Kunsthal. During the entire festival period, from February 9 to March 9 2017, you can experience the festival via a new online platform on right where you are. At home on the couch, en route on the train, or at selected locations in Copenhagen.

This year, FOKUS takes the consequence of the significant changes that our media habits are undergoing these years. For the duration of the festival period, you can take a close look at the 10 selected video works – and it’s absolutely free. There will be a printed FOKUS programme, together with a FOKUS app making it possible to bring up the videos on your screen and combine the experience with a written presentation of the works. Using the FOKUS posters placed in the city space, you can also activate the video works via your mobile phone.

Watch all 10 video works at Thorvaldsens Museum

If you wish to see the works at your leisure and surrounded by art and cultural history, this can be done at Thorvaldsens Museum: here, all the 10 video works will be shown for the entire period. Find out more about opening hours and entrance fees here. Each of the 10 video works has also been installed separately at selected spots around Copenhagen:

• GRAND Teatret
Søren Thilo Funder, DOWN WITH DOMESTIC TRASH (Rubber Plant)
Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8,1460 København K

• Gloria Biograf & Café
Omar Imam, 91⁄2
Rådhuspladsen 59, 1550 København V

• Vester Vov Vov
Paul Simon Richards, L*a*b
Absalonsgade 5,1658 København V

• Københavns Hovedbibliotek
Johanna Lecklin, Maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there
Krystalgade 15,1172 København K

• Brønshøj Bibliotek
Aske Thiberg, There I am
Krabbesholmvej 3,
2700 Brønshøj

• Østerbro Bibliotek
Eli Maria Lundgaard, Hundred Explanations For a Single Thing
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 19, 2100 København Ø

• Paludan Bogcafe
Sabina Jacobsson, The Collectors
Fiolstræde 12,
1117 København K

• Illum Rooftop
Jeppe Lange, Pigeons
Østergade 52
1100 København

• Roland Bar – Københavns Universitet
Dan Robert Lahiani, Slaps
Karen Blixens Vej 1, 21.0.15, 2300 København S

• Props Coffee Shop
Niu Han & Shen Wei, Hotel
Blågårdsgade 5,
2200 København N

• Outside Copenhagen: Nivaagaards Malerisamling
Gammel Strandvej 2, 2990 Nivå

International competition

Prior to the festival, FOKUS received more than 150 video works by artists from 22 different countries who submitted their works for the 2017 edition. This year’s festival jury is: Ann Lislegaard (one of the most notable representatives of Danish video art), Andreas Johnsen (prize-winning film director), Erik Barkman (co-ordinator, The Animation School, Viborg) as well as Helene Nyborg (exhibition co-ordinator, Nikolaj Kunsthal) and Andreas Brøgger (head of Nikolaj Kunsthal).

The jury has decided to nominate 10 videos that compete to be among the winners of this year’s three festival prizes (1 x €1000 and 2 x €500). Together, the 10 videos testify to the great creativity and diversity to be found within video art. They range from digital animation over performance to documentary approaches. The artists come from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Israel, Syria and China and represent well-known artists as well as new names.

On February 24 2017 from 5-7pm all 10 videos will be screened in full length at Gloria Biograf & Cafe. The 3 prize winners will be announced with the jury and several of the artists present. Tickets may be booked via


Since 2011, FOKUS has established itself as Denmark’s largest festival of video art. FOKUS is arranged by Nikolaj Kunsthal out of a wish to make video art visible as one of the most significant and vibrant expressions of contemporary art. For its 2017 presentation, FOKUS has moved out of the usual exhibition settings at Nikolaj Kunsthal, because the art centre is being renovated up until March 3 2017.


Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring the two Samsung Serif TV’s in the museums Grand Hall.


Thorvaldsens Museum and Nikolaj Kunsthal is owned and managed by the Municipality of Copenhagen, under the Culture and Leisure Committee.