Use Of Photos

How you can use photos from the museum’s collections depends on whether they are subject to copy­right or not.

Freely downloadable works

Many of the photos of works from the museum’s collections are not subject to copyright, so you can freely download them and use them for all purposes. These photos are in the public domain and are clearly marked as such. In the menu below you can read more about the freely downloadable works and how you can use pictures that are copyright-free.

How can you use photos of works that are protected by copyright law?

You can obtain permission to use all other reproductions of the works from our collections by contacting our photo sales department. Please note that a reproduction fee may be payable to the photo­gra­pher. And if a work has not been photographed, it is possible, against payment, to order a photographing of it from our photo sales department.

Please note

It is your own responsibility to find out whether a photo from our collections is in the Public Domain in high resolution and free of any copyright restrictions. Unfortunately, we don't have the ressources to help you with a surch for Public Domain photos.