Herregården Nysø med Thorvaldsen uden for sit atelier
Heinrich Buntzen
: Heinrich Christian August Buntzen
: 29.09.1803
: 12.01.1892
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Nysø Manor with Thorvaldsen in front of his Studio, 1843

Oil on canvas. 55,5 x 71,2 cm
Inventory number: B203

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Baroness Christine Stampe, who became one of Thorvaldsen’s close friends after his return to Copenhagen, often invited him to the mansion of Nysø, which she and her husband possessed close to Præstø in Southern Zealand. The painting shows the small summerhouse-like studio that Baroness Stampe had built for him in the garden at Nysø. It was in this studio that Thorvaldsen modelled his self-portrait statue. The original plaster model is today still at Nysø, where a small Thorvaldsen museum established in 1926.