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Bertel Thorvaldsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen’s sculptures can all be seen at Thorvaldsens Museum either in marble or as original models and sketch models in plaster.

During the many years Thorvaldsen lived in Rome, he received many large and important orders from customers all over Europe. He received orders from both princes and nobility, from merchants and from the church. In 1838, he returned home to Denmark where he died on March 24th, 1844.

The large number of sculptures, which Thorvaldsen created, could only take shape through a work process involving several co-workers. Thorvaldsen had up to 5 studios and 40 employees at his productive peak.

Thorvaldsen is buried in the Museum’s courtyard.


Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) is one of Denmark’s most famous artists. He was born into poor circumstances in Copenhagen, but lived and worked the majority of his life – over 40 years – in Rome where he became one of the most important European representatives of the Neo-Classicist sculptural art.
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