Copenhagen readers' festival - Fairytale workshop for families

On Sunday March 8 children can take their parents with them to Thorvaldsens Museum to hear some old fairy tales and to make up some new ones. The event is part of the Copenhagen Readers’ Festival. NB in Danish!


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The collections

The collections at Thorvaldsens Museum consist of Thorvaldsen’s own sculptures and his extensive collections of contemporary art of his time, of antique Egyptian, Greek and Roman objects, of other artists’ sculptures, medals, letters, books, personal objects etc. He donated everything to his native city Copenhagen, on the condition that a museum was built to house them.

The collections at Thorvaldsens Museum are, unlike most other museums, centred on the works of a single artist and a single artist’s interest in collecting.

Among Thorvaldsen’s contemporaries there was a great interest in Antiquity, and art in Thorvaldsen’s period was strongly influenced by Classical Antiquity, hence the name of the style: Neo-Classicism.

The collections

Thorvaldsen was a keen collector and apart from his sculptures the Museum houses his collections of paintings, drawings, antique objects and much more.
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