Copenhagen readers' festival - Fairytale workshop for families

On Sunday March 8 children can take their parents with them to Thorvaldsens Museum to hear some old fairy tales and to make up some new ones. The event is part of the Copenhagen Readers’ Festival. NB in Danish!


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Thorvaldsens Museum

Thorvaldsens Museum opened on September 18, 1848 as Denmark’s first museum building. Today the Museum on the whole looks like it did when it opened to the public. Bertel Thorvaldsen lived in Rome for more than 40 years, but donated all the original models of his sculptures and his extensive art collections to his home town Copenhagen.

With its strong colours both on the outside and inside and the unique architecture, the museum building in the middle of Copenhagen is a fantastic setting for Thorvaldsen’s works and collections. The colourful museum building was created by the architect Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll. The frieze around the Museum, which depicts Thorvaldsen’s arrival home from Rome to Copenhagen in 1838, was created by the painter Jørgen Sonne. Read more about the Museum here.

The Museum

The unique and colourful museum building is in itself a fascinating artwork. Bertel Thorvaldsen’s works are exhibited in rooms that have been built specifically for his works.