Copper, Print & Thorvaldsen. A two-day graphics workshop at Thorvaldsens Museum and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Are you interested in drawing, and would you like to reproduce your own drawing as a copperplate print? Then you have the opportunity now, when Thorvaldsens Museum and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts form the settings for a two-day graphics workshop.


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The Virtual Extension

The Virtual Extension is an extension of Thorvaldsens Museum on the internet. Here we present three different ways of approaching the art and stories of the Museum. In the Corridors, the Reading Room and the Project Room you can choose between a fictive, factual and a creative communication track.

You can move across the different rooms or choose to explore one of them more thoroughly. By doing so you are free to choose which communication approach you want to Thorvaldsen’s art, collection and Museum.

The Virtual Extension opened its virtual doors in 2006 and is the Museums first ”extension” since the opening in 1848.

The Virtual Extension

In the Virtual Extension youngsters can explore and challenge art in completely new ways. Three doors open up to three approaches intersecting – a virtual one in the Corridors, a factual one in the Reading Room and a creative one in the Project Room. The texts in this part of Thorvaldsens Museum are in Danish, but please have a look around anyway: The Virtual Extension.