Copenhagen readers' festival - Fairytale workshop for families

On Sunday March 8 children can take their parents with them to Thorvaldsens Museum to hear some old fairy tales and to make up some new ones. The event is part of the Copenhagen Readers’ Festival. NB in Danish!


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The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

The sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen’s archive has been published in a large digital documentation centre on the internet.

At Thorvaldsens Museum are more than 8000 documents from, to and about Thorvaldsen. Here you meet Thorvaldsen’s family, friends, European princes, noblemen, artists and customers, who had a connection to the best known Danish artist of the period.

The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives is the main source of our knowledge about Thorvaldsen’s life and work. And now all those interested in Thorvaldsen can get close to the sculptor on the internet and read his diary entries, correspondences with fellow artists and love letters.

Search the Thorvaldsens Museum Archives here

The Archives

The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives is a priceless source of knowledge about both daily life and art in the world famous sculptor’s life. Here you can read everything from love letters, diary entries and business letters to homage poems.